This is your opportunity to get involved in the debates and contribute your idea in this unique event, combining all the high-level presence of an ASEAN meeting with the atmosphere of a major industry event.

Speaking at ASEAN Smart Cities Summit & Expo 2020 enables you to share your views on the critical issues of smart city development, creat new networks, influence policy making, and help address critical societal challenges.

We are looking for nominations for the most respected, radical and insightful speakers with expertise in policy, business or technology to provide insights into the major issues shaping the smart cities network of ASEAN countries.

If you are interested in nominating a speaker, or in speaking yourself, please provide full contact details and a brief bio (~200 words) of the proposed speaker, outlining areas of expertise and potential topics for debate within the Conference program at ASEAN Smart Cities Summit & Expo 2020. Please also indicate the target audience for your proposed topic, and which topics would be of interest for you as part of a multi-stakeholder discussion. Suggestions for issues you would like to see addressed during the Conference as a whole are also very welcome.