Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong

Director of Smartcity Center, VinSmart Research & Manufacturer Joint Stock Company


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong is the Director of Smartcity Center of VinSmart, a subsidiary of Vingroup.

VinSmart Research & Manufacturer Joint Stock Company was established in June 2018. As a member of Vingroup, our mission is to become a technology company on a global scale. Vinsmart creates electronic products, smart technology certified with global quality, while applying artificial intelligence (AI) and connecting all devices on IoT platform.

VinSmart Company commits to progressive creativity and innovation in organizing an integrated technology ecosystem, in order to bring a modern and better life for Vietnamese and global citizens.

The aim of VinSmart Smartcity Center is to research and deploy smart city solutions applying technologies researched, manufactured and produced by Vietnamese to create an eco-city ecosystem and improve Vietnamese life standards; thereby, raising the position of Vietnam brand in the international arena.

Mr. Cong is the passionate digital & IT strategist, inspiring organization leader, experienced CxO with strong ICT foundation, helped organizations in various sectors & industries to accelerate the operational transformation, digitalisation, and continuous innovation.

Mr. Cong has experienced in adopting Agile frameworks in IT & technology delivery services to worldwide clients. Especially leading digital customer experiences transformation program, data strategy, and building data-driven governance culture.




VinSmart has implemented 3 smart city projects at VinHomes Grand Park (Ho Chi Minh), VinHomes SmartCity and VinHomes Ocean Park (Hanoi) to bring 4 great values to create living standards for modern cities. That is Smart Security and Safety – Smart Home – Civilized Community and Smart Operation.

The project faces 3 major challenges that need to be overcome. The first one is to integrate huge amounts of data from multiple independent management systems poured in in real time from multiple vendors. The n ext one is the difficulty when the foreign devices do not meet the requirements of the VinSmart system. Finally, the technological challenge requires the system to identify the most insecure behaviors to apply in real-world situations.

To solve the integration problem, VinSmart has acted as the General Contractor for the entire software, hardware and transmission systems for all major urban areas. Next, with regard to equipment, VinSmart has self-researched and developed and produced, mastered technology (hardware, software, intelligent identification technology) and ensured the correct quantity, progress and production quality according to the project. Finally with the technological challenge, VinSmart has mobilized internal resources to act as a training data source. At the same time, VinSmart has cooperated with the VinAI Research Institute which is also a part of Vingroup Group to coordinate basic research (optimizing algorithms for deep learning models) and bring integrated models to devices (produced by VinSmart) to reduce identification time, not depend on transmission line and server, thereby increasing safety.