Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Bao Lam

CEO, Ecotek


– CEO of Ecotek – Smart City Development Consultancy & Solution Provider
– 5 years of experience strategizing in the field of digital transformation within Vietnam
– Lead strategist for the Smart City development and planning of the Ecopark Diamond City

Mr. Lam began his journey in the field of financial services consulting. With the concurrent rise of interest in fintech and digital transformation, this provided ample opportunities to propel Mr. Lam into the field of digital transformation and technological integration, which landed him at VPBank, as an advisor and overseer regarding the bank’s digital transformation. Through which, he observed the importance of not just simply developing and building the latest state of the art technology, but also the necessity in laying the foundational groundworks to seamlessly integrate new technologies into the day to day lives of their citizens. Fueled by that philosophy, Mr. Lam went on a search for the right partners who shared the same ideals in building a strong foundation for a future society and found himself partnering with Ecopark and establishing an independent, Smart City Consultancy and Development Arm – Ecotek. With the real estate development experience, coupled with technological development capabilities and smart city expertise, Ecotek believes in a vision where an exemplary model can be built within Ecopark, and scaled up and replicated to the rest of the nation, bring society closer together and more in line with the digital era.