General Manager, Advantech Vietnam


Mr. Do Duc Hau is the General Manager (GM) of Advantech Vietnam, who is responsible for growing business for Advantech Group (Taiwan) in the Vietnam market and expanding Advantech’s footprint in various vertical markets. Advantech Vietnam is the 27th subsidiary company of Advantech Group, which is globally ranked No.1 for Industrial Computer manufacturer in both Revenue and Brand awareness. Advantech is also known as a leading IoT company with their own platform named WISE-PaaS.

Hau ran his own company for almost 17 years before Advantech partially acquired and assigned him to be its subsidiary GM. Hau has worked with Advantech since 2003 as local partner and being GM of Advantech Việt Nam since 2018.  Hau is also a person who brought Advantech into Vietnam and has made Advantech become a well-known brand in Vietnam. Under his management, Advantech has successfully deployed many projects with local partners, covering from factory to Smart-City areas. In the new phase of Advantech group development, Hau and his team in Advantech Vietnam have strongly involved in promoting IoT technology for landing applications in Industrial 4.0 and Smart-City in Vietnam.

Hau graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 1992 as Mechanical Engineer. Before running his own business in 2001, Hau had worked for a Japanese global trading firm for 8 years as Sales Manager. During this working period, he learned and accumulated a lot of international business knowledge and approached the latest technologies of Japan. With this strong background, he has developed a solid career and kept passion for technology.


Digital Technology Application and AI in Public Transport Management (eBus Solution)


Smart Bus Solution (eBus) provides a solution to the increasing traffic and the demand for streamlined public transportation services. Smart buses offer passengers a convenient and efficient means of traveling, and help bus operators to consolidate fleet management, facilitate daily operations, improve safety and enhance the traveling experience.
Equipped with advanced computing, wireless communication, and global navigation satellite system (GPS/GNSS), smart buses can be monitored and co-ordinated meticulously to ensure bus services are performing within standards. In addition, real-time live surveillance and video analytics of bus fleets can be implemented to respond to emergency events and ensure security and safety of drivers and passengers. Furthermore, smart buses can monitor and collect data such as driving behaviour and passenger flows, giving bus operators insights into its fleet operation and allowing them to make service improvements or timetable rearrangements when necessary.