In this time of uncertainty, we are opening access* to technologies that can help employees, companies, communities, and governments continue to move forward.

 *Offers valid for a limited time and additional restrictions may apply. For more details associated with the offers presented on this page, please visit the linked pages.


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Remote Work Pulse
The Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse helps you understand if your organization is prepared for a remote workforce, and if your employees have what they need to succeed in this new environment.
     •      Ensure your employees feel safe and supported
     •      Understand the resources and information employees require for their work
     •      Enable employees to feel productive and be successful
COVID-19 Customer Confidence Pulse
The ongoing development surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to customers re-evaluating who they buy from. Know the expectations and requirements of your customers related to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure they have the confidence they need to keep doing business with you.
     •      Continuously monitor and quickly adapt to evolving customer expectations
     •      Confirm that your response measures are effectively communicated and understood
     •      Capture key insights to take targeted action on the most helpful solutions
Healthcare Workforce Pulse
Frontline healthcare workers and those who work within healthcare systems, hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics are facing unprecedented challenges associated with the rapid spread of COVID-19. This Healthcare Workforce Pulse is designed to help healthcare organizations stay connected with their frontline workers during this challenging time. Learn More >
     •      Identify and respond to healthcare worker safety concerns
     •      Identify and prioritize support, resources, and supplies needed for healthcare workers to do their jobs
     •      Enable better communications and facilitate resiliency of frontline healthcare workers
COVID-19 Dynamic Call Center Script
A dynamic call center script that supports public health organization staff to deliver accurate, up-to-date information to callers about COVID-19. It also includes automatic reporting showing caller trends, patterns and gaps in information requests. Learn More >
     •      Rapidly enable public health staff to respond to incoming calls regarding COVID-19
     •      Direct citizens to the right COVID-19 resources based on their responses
     •      Automatic reports that outline caller trends and where information gaps exist
COVID-19 Pre-screen & Routing
An online, guided COVID-19 pre-screen questionnaire to identify high-risk citizens and then route them to the appropriate resources. It also provides low-risk citizens instant access to the information most relevant for them. Automatic reports that identify gaps in current information availability.

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     •      Reduce congestion on public health resources with online questionnaire
     •      Automatically route at-risk citizens to available COVID-19 resources
     •      Automatically direct citizens to the information they need based on their answers
Remote Educator Pulse
As more schools shift to a remote learning model, staying connected with your frontline teaching staff is more critical than ever. The Remote Educator Pulse is a companion to the Remote Work Pulse to help you ensure that faculty are prepared to deliver remote learning programs, while connecting you to their ongoing experiences so you can drive continuous impact. Learn More >
     •      Determine issues with remote teaching and learning
     •      Identify blockers to content delivery and key areas of investment needed
     •      Keep an ongoing pulse and act in real-time to keep faculty and students thriving
Higher Ed Remote Learning Pulse
Colleges and universities are facing the difficult challenge of keeping students safe, while minimizing disruptions to teaching and learning. The Remote Learning Pulse helps academic institutions with remote learning readiness, and to identify areas for continual improvement.
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     •      Determine overall health of students, and if they are to participate in remote learning
     •      Identify blockers to remote learning and key areas of investment needed
     •      Keep an ongoing pulse and act in real-time to keep students learning and thriving